Introduction of Chief Editor: Zhang Xinbao Zhang Xinbao, male, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Law School of Renmin University of China. He was born in March 1962 in Gong'an County of Hubei province. He graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law with a bachelor degree of law in 1984, received his master degree in law at Renmin University of China in 1986 and then got his doctor degree on civil law at Graduate School of The Chinese Academy of Social Science in 1997. Since 1986 he has been working at Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Science, successively as editor, associate professor of editorship, professor of editorship and president of the journal Legal Research. He was honored as the third session of China's Top 10 Young Jurists in 2002, enrolled as distinguished professor as "Changjiang Schor" of Ministry of Education in 2009 and rewarded the first prize of Qian Duansheng Legal Research Prize in 2010. He is also the Secretary General of Civil Law Research Committee of China Law Society and works for many law schools as part-time or visiting professor.
Introduction of China Legal Science Journal House

China Legal Science Journal House is an academy institution in charge of editing and publishing legal journals and directly under the management of China Law Society. China Law Society is a people's organization led by the CPC, a national mass and academic organization of Chinese legal field. It is the bridge and combination between the legal professionals and workers with the Chinese government and CPC, and an important force to improve the rule of law and build a socialist country of rule of law. The major responsibility of China Legal Science Journal House now is to edit and publish the journal China Legal Science and we also co-found a successive legal academic journal called Eastern Legal Science with Shanghai Law Society.

China Legal Science was first published in 1984. From the beginning, it always adheres to Marxism as the guide and the right political orientation, insists on integrating theory with practice and focusing on important practical problems, and sticks to the maintenance of its academic nature and the academic norms and the pursuit of academic innovation.

The development of China Legal Science is along with China's reform and opening up process and a lot of the latest and most important legal academic articles have been published in it. The articles published in it represent the highest level of legal field in China, which plays an important role in the prosperity and development of China's legal theory, the successive heritage of legal culture and the promotion of the communication between domestic and foreign legal worlds. China Legal Science has introduced many young jurists and new legal researches, becoming a cradle where academic leaders will be cultivated. After 20 years' efforts, China Legal Science has become the most influential and authoritative academic journal among legal field. It has been awarded the National Journal Prize, which is the only governmental prize and the highest prize for journals, successively for three times.

China Legal Science Journal House has three function departments: Chief editor's office, editor's office and general office. Chief editor's office is in charge of the registration of articles submitted, edition and correction of the articles and other process management; editor's office is responsible for the first examination, second examination and relevant edition and correction of the articles; and the general office is responsible for the publishing and housekeeping management of the journal. In order to ensure the quality of the articles submitted, the journal utilizes a system of anonymous referees by experts. The knowledge background of our editors certainly covers nearly all the major branches of legal science.

The editorial director of China Legal Science is hold by Zhou Chengkui, the vice president of China Law Society.

China Legal Science Journal
Chief Editor: Zhang Xinbao
Vice Chief Edior: Li Shixin
Editor: Bai Xiuyun, Chen Jianyi, Li Xiaoming, Li You, Wang Liping, Wu Lei, Zhu Guangxin